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Integrated, Sustainable Wellness Systems
for the Holistic-Minded.



What would it feel like to love yourself and your body?
To understand your own health and wellness needs?
To have lasting energy and focus?

You deserve to feel empowered
in your body and wellness goals.

With over 20 years of experience and in-depth study of natural medicine, my practice incorporates Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Flower Remedy Therapy and Modern Nutritional Science for a truly integrative and holistic approach to wellness.

I want to change the way you feel.

Build deeper intuition and understand the signs and signals your body sends 

Feel empowered by the strength and health of your body 

Balance your hormones, stress and lifestyle

Feel confident about your lifestyle and food choices

Commit to lasting change that adjusts to your continued needs

Simplify your health protocol and create a sustainable wellness practice

Weed out the noise and conflicting information within the wellness industry

Feel comfortable in your own skin and know how to support your own body

Feel energized and aligned with your health goals

are you ready to...

Let's Build a more sustainable plan

"Alle has revolutionized the way I think about my health. She is a wealth of knowledge that draws from both Eastern and Western techniques, a comprehensive approach to health. I can't emphasize enough how she changed the way I think about food, nourishment and my body. I feel more whole than I've ever felt."


“I feel more whole than I've ever felt.”



Full analysis of bloodwork and labs (if applicable)

What's Included in Our Month of Work Together.

The path to living a life aligned

Customized dietary and lifestyle plans including nutraceuticals and supplemental suggested therapies

Initial 90 minute wellness discovery session* where we’ll review your health history and intake documents and go over our plan for the next month ahead

Four follow-up 1 hour Virtual sessions*

Email support for 3 months

Individualized recipes and food plans recipes, how to build a healthy kitchen pharmacy and pantry, clean home and skincare

Supplement and product recommendations

 *All sessions are held over the phone, through Facetime or zoom.
Additional 20% off coupon included in packages for use on courses or products.
You’ll also receive free access to our Wellness Portal and online workshops. 

Tailored-made flower remedy treatment (includes tincture and shipping), and Reiki or Akashic Reading session

For those that are not ready for this level of commitment, I still offer a la carte offerings in health and wellness. 

Individual health consultations 1.5 hr with email follow-up support offered.
Packages of 3 and 6 sessions offered at an additional discounted rate. 


- Personalized nutrition and specialty diets

- Gluten and celiac lifestyle and nutrition guidance

- Hidden food allergies and sensitivities

- Personalized cleansing and detoxification

- Indigestion and digestive-related symptoms

- Blood sugar imbalances and cravings

- Acne and skin disorders

- Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

- Adrenal fatigue 

- Depression, stress and anxiety

- Personalized cleansing and detoxification

- Moon cycle syncing

- Yeast overgrowth therapies

- PCOS, endometriosis and painful periods

- Infertility and postpartum nutrition

- Transitioning from birth control pills

- Women's reproductive health and hormone balancing

Areas of specialization

what can i help with?

- Flower remedies + supplemental holistic practices for everyday living

“I found Alle when I was at one of my lowest lows. When your health is not where it should be, your whole life is affected which can leave you feeling helpless and scared. I had been experiencing symptoms of a never-ending yeast infection that left my doctors completely stumped with no other diagnosis than giving time to heal. Anyone who has lived even a few days with one of those buggers knows that simply waiting and hoping is not enough to put your mind at ease. I know there had to be more that I could do to help rebalance my system. That's where Alle came in. She has an incredible knowledge base surrounding holistic nutrition, and was able to start me on a plan that would reduce any inflammation and press the reset button on my system. From the first time that we met, it was clear that she fully embodies the lifestyle and is passionate about helping people heal their bodies. Within a few days, the bloating I had been experiencing subsided, and I could tell my body was hard at work trying to heal. I cannot thank Alle enough for the compassion she showed me during such a stressful time, and for the plan she started me on to get my body back on track.”


“Within a few days, the bloating I had been experiencing subsided, and I could tell my body was hard at work trying to heal.”

“The only way I can really describe what Alle able to give me is freedom. In one of our initial conversations she asked me about a guilty food pleasure of mine to which I replied pasta and sauce...quickly she drew up a recipe for spaghetti squash and an organic tomato sauce that literally stopped me in my tracks. You know that smile of overwhelming happiness? That was that moment for me. As we worked together she curbed my eating habits to work for me and my own needs and I felt the results almost immediately. It was such a sense of freedom for me to learn that there were other ways of eating other than food chains and steak shacks and in contrast to the other methodologies I wasn't limiting my food intake or counting calories, I was simply eating what my body needed to work better. All gave me that knowledge and made my life better.”

— joseph

“As we worked together she curbed my eating habits to work for me and my own needs and I felt the results almost immediately.”

“After my first conversation with Alle she was able to pinpoint imbalances and the causes of my constant indigestion. A few changes have made a huge difference in how I feel. I appreciate that Alle takes a holistic approach to factors at play beyond food; she has helped me see how interconnected everything is. Adding mineral supplements - something I had never thought about before - has made me feel like I am absorbing nutrients better and getting my body what it needs. She recognizes that everyone is on their own journey and that changes need to work for me, without any judgement and while making me feel 'normal'. I am so appreciative of her guidance and know this is just the beginning. Thank you!”


“A few changes have made a huge difference in how I feel. ”

“At a time when I needed the best medical care and health information I could discover, little did I realize it would come from one of my own children. I went through a partial mastectomy for breast cancer, and today am cancer free. Alle, with her insight and ability supplied me with her knowledge of food, medicine, and health-enhancing nutrition that enabled maximum healing and the mind/body/soul nourishment I craved. She led me through the maze of foods, nutritional supplements and vitamins and formulated a 'food prescription' program specifically for me. As a result my overall health has improved, I have more energy, sleep more restfully and look and feel better than pre-surgery. My doctors have commented on my rapid healing and physical strength. Alle continues to reinforce my dietary program with new information and products I might benefit from. Obviously it is with great parental pride that I write this thank you to my health counselor. It is with her guidance that I have reclaimed and renewed my good health. I have seen her insight and knowledge with others and can confidently tell how beneficial her personal care has been for them as well. It inspires me to have Alle not just as my counselor but as my personal 'cheerleader' for a very healthy, happy life.”


“It is with her guidance that I have reclaimed and renewed my good health.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Holistic health integrates aspects of the whole person into healing, including the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It can be seen as an alternative and complementary practice to allopathic medicine. It is understood that balance and health can only be obtained and sustained if there is health in balance in all areas of life including, the physical, emotional and spiritual. For this reason in holistic health care, we look beyond the diagnosis, into all areas of wellbeing to get to the root of the ailment and restore balance.


While every client and their needs are different, every new client relationship begins the same way. You will fill out a detailed health history form along with a guided wellness and food journal. You will also send me any recent blood work or DNA results, if applicable. Before our first actual phone session together, I will have a pretty clear picture of your goals, symptoms and current health and diet. All these pieces fit together to give me a detailed picture of what a day in your life looks like, to find the nutritional holes, roadblocks and challenges and provide a clear plan and path for you.
From there, we'll discuss the wellness plan I have created for you to restore your health or/and achieve your wellness goals. I'll provide nutritional plans, recommend supplements, products, blood work analysis, flower remedies, additional wellness practitioners, and hold your hand, answering your questions along the way and providing email support between our scheduled calls.

Because food and nutrition is so linked with emotionally-charged memories, heritage and society-driven norms, our work is timed to allow it to be sustainable. I will not provide to-do lists and send you on your way. There is a process that requires time and energy as well as reflection and repetition to create new norms and results. 
While I don't identify as a health coach, I will hold you accountable and help you find all the tools to make this work together sustainable. However, you are as much in charge of your health as the healer – you and you alone are held accountable to do the work. The clients I work with are committed to improving their health and lifestyles and open to making significant changes.


Depends what your definition of spiritual is. Many clients find they gain a deeper understanding of themselves, a new clarity, and tap into an intuition they didn't have before. This work can bring up quite a lot not just in your diet but in your overall life. By no means does this mean it is woo woo or spiritual-based. Our work will be tailored to you and your needs.


Training. I received my BA in Holistic Studies where I focused on nutrition, ancient modalities, food politics and food allergies and intolerances. It was a full four year program where I was able to focus on and dive deep into my areas of study. I have supplemented my studies with additional certification programs in nutrition and counsel clients around my areas of expertise. I do not prescribe nor diagnose. My training, while also in modern science and allopathic nutrition, is focused on holistic modalities that integrate ancient modalities with modern nutrition.

A health coach is a wellness advocate that is well-versed in many different modalities and lifestyle tips that can improve health, but may not have had a long term education (most programs are just 3-6 months). They can be thought of as a wellness cheerleader, holding you accountable and helping you achieve your wellness goals. 

A dietitian receives specialized training in science and systems-based nutrition. You usually see them working in hospitals, schools or medical centers. I believe this system of training is outdated and too narrow a focus of health and healing. They adhere to government-made standards and belief systems such as the food pyramid and rely heavily on calorie-based theories.


Anyone who wants to take their health and healing to the next level. Whether you have a significant illness, unresolved symptoms or simply want to create sustainable healthy habits, working with a health counselor allows you the focus, time and support to navigate your health with an expert advisor.

 While allopathic medicine has allowed for so many advances in our lives, it has a time and place. The truth is that most chronic illnesses are preventable and treatable using alternative practices, diet and lifestyle tweaks. This does require more time and energy beyond blood work, a prescription pad and a 15 minute office visit. Let's personalize your health and look beyond your diagnosis.  


One, flexibility. Counseling by phone or skype allows me to work with clients all over the world. It also allows you to be more relaxed and focused in the privacy of your own home. No traffic, looking for parking or rushing to be on time for a session. Just one more way to make our work together more sustainable for your lifestyle. In the rare case where working in person is preferable, we can talk about these options as well.


Absolutely. Unless you tell someone we are working together or give me explicit permission, our work together is 1000% confidential. 


That depends mostly on what symptoms you are experiencing, what you are trying to correct and achieve. Our work together is designed to be steady and sustainable and in my experience that typically takes about three months to see significant improvement and new changes in routine.

Did you know that the maturation lifecycle of a woman's egg is approximately 100 days? That's why when working with women along with natural therapies and diet it is essential to work diligently for at least 3 months to allow for significant improvement. There is so much healing that happens below the surface that we don't realize. All change takes time. Trust the process.


I work with individual clients Mon-Fri 10am-5pm EST. I understand that work and lifestyle may prevent you from working with me during these hours and will do my best to find time that works for your schedule.


Yes, 50% payment is due upon signing and the other 50% before our first session. I gladly accept checks, paypal, venmo, zelle, or credit card. An additional 20% discount is provided for clients continuing work, if booked within four months of our last day of the program. 

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