FEM offers a spectrum of natural healing protocols, tools and products, from 1:1 wellness and nutritional counseling, educational courses and workshops, reiki and akashic sessions, an apothecary of natural and effective skincare and our decadent line of Royal Ghee spreads.

Somewhere down the road, living well and living healthy became two separate and distant paths, when truly, there is only one. Flora ex Machina embodies a call to realign with our inner wisdom and Nature, taking the path of least resistance to create sustainable health and healing. 

ancient wisdom for a modern living

Our practices and products draw from ancient practices merged with modern techniques to create delicious, functional foods and superior products to help achieve balance and sustainable wellness. 

It is a term used to describe a plot device in storytelling in which a seemingly unsolvable problem is resolved by the intervention of an unexpected event, character, or ability. This is intended to move the story forward when the writer has no other apparent options or sees no other way out.

Flora Ex Machina is our version of this concept, except we’ve substituted the Latin term flora, meaning plant life. Flora also happens to be the name of the Roman goddess of flowers, plants, and fertility. 
The name embodies FEM’s core values regarding our back to the earth philosophy on food, health, and happiness.

The name stems from an ancient Greek phrase,
deus ex machina meaning, "god from the machine". 

behind the name

From a young age I struggled with clinical depression, poor digestion and debilitating menstrual cramps. I was diagnosed with bipolar depression and put on strong, numbing mood stabilizers and antidepressants. My cramps and hormonal issues were attributed to endometriosis and I was given the options of either surgery or birth control. My digestive disturbances, chronic fatigue, poor assimilation and mood swings were never attributed to my diet. Here I was, a sensitive young girl with a long list of seemingly irresolvable illnesses and a small but waning inkling to go deeper and find another answer.

I found those answers and now live daily with the focus that food can either harm or fuel the body, and if given a chance, can truly heal and restore the body on a cellular level. Knowledge, quality and purity of ingredients are of the utmost importance, and it has become my goal to share this knowledge in a beautiful and accessible way while maintaining the fact that a healthy and healing lifestyle can be both delicious and accessible. 

I am committed to guiding women to restore their health naturally, providing drugless and holistic therapies to balance the mind and emotions and find personalized dietary solutions to unresolved chronic symptoms. 

I entered the world of wellness over 15 years ago, trained in both modern and ancient modalities, including Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and live my life in accordance with these teachings and flow of natural energies. 

My creativity and passion for all things holistic arose out of frustration and urgency - a need to find answers to my own crippling health issues that weren't being resolved by allopathic medicine. As an intended visual arts major, I made a full stop, changed gears and drove head on towards discovering what was at the root of my debilitating chronic symptoms. 

I’m Alle Weil, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Women’s Health Specialist and founder of Flora ex Machina. 

the alchemist