2020 meets the akasha


A year of reveal, revelation and coming home to the self.


A little over a year ago I was well on my way to establishing a holistic practice offering nutritional counseling and reiki, and product line of apothecary goods. Flash forward to April of 2020 and my work came to a screeching halt as my retailers closed up shop and my fledgling business couldn’t afford my rent or business expenses. Of course it goes without saying that 2020 has left no one in the world untouched by the pandemic. Perhaps the longest and most significant year for many generations, 2020 has proven to be a catalyst for so many life events. A breaking point, revealing just how many cracks there were to begin with, but also just how resilient we as humans are. 


This year for me, like for so many others, was life changing. It was a year of silver linings too. Devastation and then shock and awe. It was also the first time in my life when I held steadfast to my dedicated practice of meditation, mindfulness and continued the work toward the life I envisioned, despite it all. 


I’ve always been holistic-minded. Raised by a family of meditators, the line of what was seen as holistic or woo woo seemed a little fuzzy; and I walk a delicate balance with those that know me – my spirituality and holistic nature never fully exposed or completely hidden away. I’ve always lived somewhere between both worlds. I’ve risen to embrace this about myself, especially in my own professional practice, which has woven an allopathic nutritional-based approach with ancient wisdom and Eastern modalities quite seamlessly. 


Deeply empathic and intuitive, I will get a nudge, have a dream, premonition even, to look here or there, take that class, meet that person – that kept me, almost accidentally, leaning into these innate gifts. 


It’s said in many practices that once you are ready to hear the wisdom or lesson, the teacher, medicine, etc. finds you. First it was just the word and a curiosity, a podcast, then finally a random serendipitous reading, and I knew I needed more. It wasn’t until the pandemic, when I was reevaluating everything I thought I knew, when I opened the records myself. 



What are the Akashic Records? 

The “Akasha” or life force is a chronicle of all past, present and future events since our first existence. This imprint of an individual’s complete history is led by a powerful group of compassionate energies. Used as a life tool, we are able to access this energy and a person’s guides to understand and work through deep-rooted trauma, to heal, to understand our soul’s purpose, to find support to life’s most complex questions, or simply to understand where we came from and how best to live out this life to the fullest.


My training with the Akashic records was less than ground breaking, beyond simple in fact. This is truly one of the most incredible aspects of this work – anyone can access this database of knowledge – we just need to be able to listen and have faith in ourselves.  It does take a good teacher to communicate this and Helen is beyond that. Truly a gift to share the Pathway Practices Teachings for those looking to learn.


After doing enough readings, I noticed a common thread, where it seemed almost all my clients were seeking answers outside themselves. Asking those big questions of life and feeling so detached from the process itself. They needed the reassurance that they were on the right path and only a message from the ethers would suffice. With manifestation practices flooding the wellness space, all teaching us to tune in, get real with ourselves and trust the process, we still have the same questions and the same doubts.


Lack of self trust. Indecisiveness. Regrets of missed opportunities. Love not shared. Joy not lived. 


The truth is much like the yogis have been guiding us toward all along. We are as powerful as we think we are. All our knowing is within. So, how do we tap into this inner wisdom? Fortunately or unfortunately, the answer seems to be more simple than we give credit. We must get out of our own ways and start living. Doing. Being.


The reason the Akasha feels so powerful is because it is the knowledge of one’s cumulative existence throughout all one’s lifetimes, past and present. Just as perspective is an essential component of any conflict to have the ability to step away from it and from a distance to get the whole subject in the picture to see what’s truly at the root, similarly, imagine if you had access to your complete history in time and space and were able to have guides that see your true nature, patterns and behavior throughout these incarnations and help guide you to alter your future in the process. It becomes less about doubt or fear even, and more about that wisdom over eons and the action one takes from this point forward. 


But the path to living your dream or even just taking the first step can feel much like throwing yourself off the deep end or even giving up. Every ending has a new beginning, especially when what we have wanted for so long is a departure from what we’ve been doing. So many of us have hit this feeling of rock bottom this past year. There is something liberating about following a dream, taking a leap, going into the unknown – we move forward, despite it all, despite the past, present and future unknown and fear associated. 


And there is something about this work with the Akasha that does feel other worldly. Cosmic and at the same time deep from within. It’s a process that is so personal and continues to resonate so deeply that, at least as a practitioner, has cracked me wide open to the possibilities of and limitlessness of time and space. We are matter, flesh and bone. But we are heart and soul, and science still does not have an explanation for the basic questions of life. Allow for curiosity and love in life to guide you.


This work is like coming home to yourself and getting advice from those that know you and understand you better than anyone. 
This work, especially right now, is healing. We need self love, self healing to heal others. I share a message from my masters and teachers that I received back in January when I too was uncertain of what the future held. I share it with you in case it resonates and brings some comfort…


You want to let go of this fear 
Like a weight on your chest.
Listen to the silence.
Practice all that you have learned 
over the years of trials. 
You’ve made it this far.
What’s a little further?
Hold trust.
Dissipate fear.
Don’t repress it down.
Let it out of the body – We create muscle memory.
Don’t be blind to it, Welcome it all.
Light and dark.
The lightest cast shadows at their peak.


Guided my my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones to keep going, fueled by the answers to – What do I want? What brings me happiness? Strength? What makes me laugh? And continuing to follow the light, even now.


More about the Akashic Records:



– What is my soul purpose in this lifetime?
– What emotional healing do I need to do to address my physical pain?
– What would be productive for me to engage in for greater finances during this time?
– What foods should I be consuming right now to support my health goals?
– What is my soul contract with ______ ?
– How can I best heal my relationship with _ ? What steps do I need to take?



Pretty much any question is valid with the exception of YES/NO questions.
The Guides are simply that, and therefore believe in free will. They have chosen you, respect you and honor your journey. They love you unconditionally and will attempt to point you in the best direction with the least complications towards your soul’s destiny. However, in every moment and every decision we make we change our route to that outcome. There are infinite ways to get to the same place. For this reason, we can ask the exact same question and receive a different answer every time we do a reading because, according to the Akashic Records, we are a different person than we were than when we first asked it.
The Guides will also never reveal anything you are not ready to hear. For this reason, you may not receive the answer to the question you ask, or will receive an answer that you didn’t expect. Again, this does not mean you will never get the answer to this question, you simply may not be ready to receive what they wish to share with you.


From to Linda Howe, founder of the Akashic Record Pathway Prayer Process:

What does Akashic mean?
Akasha is a Sanskrit word and means Primary substance, that out of which all things are formed. It is the first stage of the crystallization of spirit. This Akashic, or primary substance, is of exquisite fineness and is so sensitive that the slightest vibrations of an ether any place in the universe register an incredible impression upon it.


What are the Akashic Records?
The Akashic Records contain the vibrational record of each individual soul and its journey.  This vibrational body exists everywhere in its wholeness and is completely available in all places.  The Records contain all past, present, and future possibilities; and are an experiential body of knowledge and compassion.  Access to this profound source is through a sacred prayer.


What can I expect from an Akashic Record reading?
Having an Akashic Record reading can be extremely valuable.  The soul’s very essence and expression, potentials, and purposes can be revealed. Issues of the lifetime are brought to light from a spiritual perspective.  Both favorable and difficult patterns that are present can be identified. Corrective measures required to establish harmony can be seen.


The purpose of a reading is to dignify the person being read.  To dignify is to elevate.  An Akashic Record reading is a way to uplift the one being read.  Being in the Records, the reader perceives the potential of the person he or she is reading.  The perception is then anchored in this ordinary dimension of consciousness.  The person being read resonates to this higher frequency and becomes aware of the possibility of this quickened vibrational level.  Through this upliftment, the person being read is relieved of lower vibrational activity and freed to move on in a higher state of consciousness and action.


Holding the light steady for those who seek illumination is a privilege.  Ideally, a reading is one soul connecting with another in an intimate and profound transmission of the sacred energy of the Records.  This is often a remarkable experience for both people involved.  In these sessions, the heart of your current issues will be revealed.  This revelation will bring to light the best ways to heal the causes of your difficulties.  Through the heart of the Akashic Records, we find the points of light and power in you and your life at this time.


How can I prepare for my reading?
To prepare for the reading, consider the areas of your life about which you want information.  Normally, people ask about health, creative expression, work and money, relationships, and family of origin.  Think about those issues in your life that seem to be unbudgeable; those areas that seem to get worse with time, never better.  Ordinary human challenges are the path to higher consciousness.  Think about your life and where you would like insight, guidance, and healing information.  Bring your questions. Know that the reading is a shared experience between you, the reader and the energy of the Records.  The spirit of light and truth will be available to uplift you and illuminate your journey.”


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