all that and the kitchen sink facial masks

We are firm believers in the less is more approach to health and wellness. When it comes to beauty, the same holds true. Sometimes it’s the less you lather on that supports your skin health the most. Of course that means, 100% natural! And sometimes, just sometimes, those superfoods and powerhouses of nutrition provide double duty for your face and skin.

We’re pulling out our favorite natural nutritional supplements, superfoods and fruit and veggie ingredients and listing our favorite kitchen pantry facials recipes straight from nature. While of course we could go through the precision to measure out exactly the right quantities of this and that – where’s the fun in that?

The truth is, while of course measuring is crucial for most of the recipes we concoct, these do not qualify. When it comes to many of these ingredients, a dab’ll do you. A pinch of this, a part of this is just fine. You may end up with a little extra to snack on, share with a friend, or store and save till tomorrow. And, you may even end up creating your own exacting recipes based on these ingredients. Have fun with it, try some variations, and be open to the true benefit these all natural ingredients supply.

So open your fridges, not your wallets, and whip up some of our favorite go to home spa remedies.

For Dry or Sensitized Skin:

Yogurt or Milk Kefir:

These probiotic rich dairy products are a perfect base and gentle exfoliant for sensitive or dry skin. They hydrate and soften without stripping the skin of its natural barrier or oils while still efficiently exfoliating the skin to reveal a baby-soft texture. Whenever possible use raw, organic and full-fat dairy for the best results and greatest nutrition.


Honey is one of those ingredients that seems to do it all. It moisturizes, cleanses, heals, softens, and provides antibacterial, spot clearing properties. For an added boost of those antibacterial properties, try manuka honey, that contains the same healing properties as tea tree oil. Be sure to source raw and local honey if possible.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe not only hydrates, soothes and reduces inflammation and redness, it temporarily tightens and tones the skin, perfect for dehydrated skin in need of a little extra TLC. Source the whole leaf and fillet or organic and preservative-free aloe vera gel.

Rose Water:

Not only does it smell simply intoxicating, it contains antioxidants to fight free radicals and sun damage, soothes inflammation and redness, maintains the skin’s pH, is a gentle toner, and moisturizes and softens at the same time. There’s a reason it’s been used for millennia dating back to Egyptian times and Cleopatra’s beauty regimin.

Essential oils to combat dry/sensitive skin:

carrot seed, chamomile, neroli, jasmine, lavender, geranium, sandalwood, peppermint, frankincense

Simply Combine:

2 parts yogurt or kefir
1 part honey
1 part aloe
A couple splashes or rose water
A couple drops of essential oils of your choice

Stir or blend well and apply to the face and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area and allow to dry for about 20 minutes. Wash with cold or warm water or rose water.

For Oily or Problem Skin :

Often with problem or spot-prone skin, our initial response is to dry out the clogged pores in order to treat the issue. In fact, it is this over-drying that may be contributing to these breakouts as the skin overcompensates for a lack of moisture and stripped protective barrier or disturbed pH. The keep is to soothe and protect the skin while healing the current inflammation and draw out the impurities from the clogged pores. Adding antibacterial essential oils to reduce inflammation may also help prevent future breakouts as well.

Clay or Charcoal:

Fuller’s Earth clay or Bentonite clay or charcoal are excellent choices for absorbing oil and impurities from the skin. In addition they help to tighten and tone the pores. French clay is another option that may be less drying and helps to increase circulation as well.

Witch Hazel:

Witch Hazel is an excellent toner and astringent for oily-prone skin. It’s naturally anti-inflammatory, and is used to combat swelling, sores and infection. It can be used solely as a toner, a spot treatment, or combined with other ingredients to reduce its drying properties.

Egg White:

The yolk of the egg contains more of the fatty essential nutrients vs. the white that acts more as a protective pore-tightening treatment, when applied to the face. In addition to its pore-reducing benefits, egg whites may also help to lift and tighten the skin in general.


Loaded with potassium and vitamins E and C, bananas not only provide moisture but promote glowing skin with these essential skin-promoting nutrients. They are perfect for skin that requires a little more attention without drying. The inside of the banana peel is also a wonderful exfoliant. Rub all over the face and body for smooth skin.

Essential oils to combat oily/problem skin:

basil, cedarwood, cypress, eucalyptus, lemongrass, sage, lavender, ylang-ylang, witch hazel, tea tree oil, thyme, juniper

Simply Combine:

2 parts mashed or pureed banana
1 part clay of choice
1 part egg white
A couple splashes of witch hazel
A couple drops of essential oils of choice

Stir or blend well and apply to the face and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area. Allow to dry for about 10-20 minutes and remove with cold or warm water or witch hazel toner. Moisturize as usual.

For a Replenishing or Nutritive Mask:

For skin that is lack-luster or requires a little boost nutritionally. It may be sunburnt, aging, or needing some extra TLC. Perhaps this just means a weekly or monthly addition to your skincare regimen regardless of your skin’s current health – a little boost of nutrition never hurt anyone.


Loaded with fats, moisture, and skin beautifying nutrients such as biotin, antioxidants, vitamin E, and C, avocados benefit the skin inside and out. They are the perfect vehicle for bringing back that moisture and resiliency to tired or sunburnt skin and can even be applied to the hair for added shine and volume.

Egg Yolk:

The powerhouse of the egg. Loaded with all the essential nutrients and fats a growing embryo needs – the same goes for the health of our skin. The egg yolk also can double as a wonderful restorative and protein-rich hair mask.


Turmeric has long been used internally to reduce inflammation and restore immunity. The same holds true for the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties translate to reduce swelling and redness and other irritation and its high levels of antioxidants help to rejuvenate the skin. Use the powder for best results and to remove any slight yellowing to the skin, wipe clean with coconut or other facial oils.

Chlorella or Spirulina:

Both of these chlorophyll-rich superfoods benefit the skin greatly. Rich in oxygenating properties and nourishing vitamins and minerals, proteins, phytonutrients and antioxidants, vitamin C, B, K, and much more, it’s one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet capable of soothing distressed, scarred, or sagging skin. It is even used as an alternative sunscreen by some.

Simply Combine:

2 parts avocado
1 part egg yolk
A couple pinches of chlorella or spirulina
A couple pinches of turmeric
A couple drops of essential oils of your choice

Mix or blend well and apply to face, neck and chest, avoiding the delicate eye area. Leave on for about 20 minutes and wash clean with cold or warm water or rose water. Moisturize as usual.