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Alle Weil is a Holistic Nutritionist, artist, and developer of Royal Ghee. She offers wellness and nutrition counseling in Los Angeles or via phone, skype or email.


My creativity and passion for all things holistic came out of frustration - a need to find answers to my own health issues that weren't being resolved by allopathic medicine.  I simply wasn’t satisfied with the answers I constantly would receive from doctors and other western health practitioners - that my symptoms were just a part of life, or that I would have to accept that I would be on prescription drugs for the rest of my life, often each drug coming with its own list of additional symptoms and side effects.


Thankfully, however, I was fortunate enough to be raised with an abundance of fresh local and organic produce. While I wouldn’t say my parents were advocates of alternative health practices, they were still curious about Eastern medical practices, dabbled in macrobiotics for a while, and they both were genuinely interested in nourishing whole foods.  As children, my siblings and I knew our way around a farmer’s market and health food stores. We could name ingredients that many children our age (and often many adults) did not even know existed. Growing up in between the busy cosmopolitan city of Miami and rural and rustic Deer Isle, Maine shaped a dichotomy of cultures and ways of life — and Maine emphasized all the parts that I was drawn to on so many different levels.


In Maine, I learned to appreciate the importance of sourcing foods as closely to the farmer as possible, and noticed the drastic difference it made to my overall health and mood. I loved and felt connected to the process of production from seed to table, the holistic community that was ever-present in the area, and the overall back-to-the-earth mentality that ran through the countryside. It always inspired my work and life, and ultimately would become my inspiration in seeking an alternative path to my diagnosis.


My journey enlightened me to how closely food and health are linked, and amplified my belief that the further disconnected from Nature we become, the more our health is adversely affected. 


After completing a visual arts major I switched gears and received my bachelor's degree in Holistic Studies, focusing on food politics, food allergies, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, later taking raw food nutrition courses at the Living Light Institute in Fort Bragg, CA, and training as a health counselor, certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. 


I live daily with the focus that food can either harm or fuel the body, and if given a chance, can truly heal and restore the body on a cellular level. Knowledge, quality and purity of ingredients are of the utmost importance, and it has become my goal to share this knowledge in a beautiful and accessible way while maintaining the fact that this cuisine and knowledge can be both delicious and empowering. 



Who is Flora ex Machina? 

Why the funny name?


Our name stems from an ancient Greek phrase, deus ex machina meaning, "god from the machine". It is a term used to describe a plot device in storytelling in which a seemingly unsolvable problem is resolved by the intervention of an unexpected  event, character, or ability. This is intended to move the story forward when the writer has no other apparent options or sees no other way out.


Flora Ex Machina is our version of this concept, except we’ve substituted the Latin term flora, meaning plant life. Flora also happens to be the name of the Roman goddess of flowers, plants, and fertility. 


The name embodies our core values regarding our philosophy on food, health, and happiness.


At some point in human history we managed to veer far off course in our innate understanding of how to take care of our bodies, live harmoniously with Nature, and use the inherent qualities of plants to heal and sustain ourselves.


Plants are the magical solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem: how can I be the healthiest version of myself?

In reaction to the many questionable and often harmful practices and beliefs when it comes to all things, diet, medicine, and beauty, we’ve taken a ‘back to the earth’ approach to eating and living well. 


We believe that there is no 100 percent failsafe or correct approach on how to eat and live well. Diet dogma comes in all shapes and sizes and we’ve chosen not to subscribe to any of them fully. Our philosophy is one of learning to benefit from many philosophies by broadening our knowledge of many traditional healing modalities.


We’re looking back to the earth for the tools of healing, using ancient practices in a modern world. Humans discovered very early on that everything they need to maintain their health is available to them in Nature. We’re going back to that.

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