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about Flora ex Machina 

At some point in human history we managed to veer far off course in our innate understanding of how to take care of our bodies, live harmoniously with Nature, and use the inherent qualities of the earth to heal and sustain ourselves.

In reaction to the many questionable and often harmful practices and beliefs when it comes to all things, diet and lifestyle, medicine, and beauty, we’re looking back to the earth for the tools of healing, using ancient practices in a modern world to create delicious, functional foods and sustainable health – fusing ancient wisdom for a modern living.


What's behind the name? 

The name stems from an ancient Greek phrase, deus ex machina meaning, "god from the machine". It is a term used to describe a plot device in storytelling in which a seemingly unsolvable problem is resolved by the intervention of an unexpected event, character, or ability. This is intended to move the story forward when the writer has no other apparent options or sees no other way out.

Flora Ex Machina is our version of this concept, except we’ve substituted the Latin term flora, meaning plant life. Flora also happens to be the name of the Roman goddess of flowers, plants, and fertility. 

The name embodies our core values regarding our back to the earth philosophy on food, health, and happiness.


The Alchemist

Alle Weil is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, visual and culinary artist,
and creator of Royal Ghee, now based in Maine.

Overcoming what doctors saw as a lifelong struggle with debilitating cycles, clinical depression and chronic digestive disorders, Royal Ghee was created to satisfy her own cravings without compromising her health or flavor. She is committed to creating functional foods that nourish, decadently. When she's not working on all things Royal Ghee and Flora ex Machina related, she's helping others restore their own health. You can find her holistic nutrition practice, below.    


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