33 pages of Original recipes and inspiration to pair with
your favorite superfood ghee and honey spreads.

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Royal Ghee provides a daily boost of bioavailable nutrition and energy with the flavor of a decadent treat. Made from the most nutritive organic ingredients on earth, our ingredients are whipped into a decadent and guiltless superfood spread intended to boost the foods you already love.

Royal Ghee Gold features focused quality and organic herbal ingredients like turmeric, ashwagandha and camu camu whipped into our signature decadent base of pasture-raised and grass-fed California-raised ghee (clarified butter), raw California wildflower honey and skin-supporting tocos. Imagine the flavor of a creamy golden latte in a spoonful for use in far more than just your cup.

Upgrade your routine and boost the foods you already love with Ancient wisdom for modern living. Use our spreads anywhere you would a nut butter, jam, butter or honey. 

From sweet to savory, incorporate into hot tonics, coffee + lattes, smoothies, spread onto toast, baked goods + crackers, slather on oatmeal, upgrade snacks and desserts from popcorn to ice cream, and add flavor to veggies and eggs.


Table of Contents

our prized ingredients, how to use

signature tonic latte, golden latte,
green goddess detoxifying smoothie

super morning oats, herbal popcorn

golden glazed Japanese sweet potatoes, kitchari

golden summer lassi popsicles,
bon bons with benefits,
superfood fig and bee pollen Royal Ghee bars,
royal ganache,
paleo popovers,
saffron sponge cake

- Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

“Royal Ghee is our latest superfood obsession. Carefully and thoughtfully crafted, this mixture is handmade in small batches from over 20 organic and wildcrafted rare herbs and superfoods- yet it tastes like brownie batter. You could put this decadent spread on just about anything and it would taste incredible. We, however, prefer it straight out of the jar by the spoonful (multiple times per day!). It’s that good.”

- Necessite

“If milk and honey are seen as nectars of abundance bestowed upon Earth by the gods, then a jar of the luxuriously tasty and medicinal ​Royal Ghee​ is surely a deliciously divine gift.” 

- Luke Storey, The Lifestylist Podcast

“The Royal Ghee is next level! As someone who takes tons of superfoods and herbs daily, I appreciate the very thoughtful ingredient stacking in the ghee. It’s much faster and more convenient to take, or eat a crazy nutrient-dense snack than to take the time to formulate and build one myself. However, there is a downside: I usually crush the entire jar in one sitting, two max.”

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- The Chalkboard Mag

“Talk about the royal treatment… Lately we’re obsessing over Royal Ghee, a modern take on Ayurvedic prash — a divine blend of ghee and honey. Royal Ghee turns the healing power of raw honey, clarified butter, adaptogens and greens into a buttery blend that is both both deeply nourishing and cake batter-level delicious. Is there anything better?”

- Lacy Phillips, To Be Magnetic

“This adaptogenic royal whipped ghee is EVERYTHING. We've been putting in our tonics daily.”

- Emilio Palafox BPC, HMC

I’m in love with this stuff! Big Biohacker for 8 years and this stuff is a killer product!”

- Dr. Nadia Musavvir ND

“I love it because it contains raw honey, good fats, greens and adaptogenic herbs – great to keep your energy up throughout the day!”

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- Michelle Badillo

This product is sublime, delicate, powerful and so versatile. The magical mix of ingredients and their wonderful qualities that can adapt to any meal makes it out of this world!!”

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- Victoria

“This product is insanely DELICIOUS! I can’t count the amount of times I’ve eaten half the jar in one sitting. The ingredients are all too quality and you can tell there is passion put into each jar made.” 

- J. Roberts

“This ghee is delicious. I am lactose-intolerant and wanted something that could give me the satisfaction of butter, and liked the extra health benefits. I was surprised by how delicious it is! The honey adds a subtle sweetness that makes it feel like a treat without being overkill. This time I tried the 'Gold' option with turmeric, which has a hint more bitterness and a lovely golden color. The whipped texture is lovely and high quality. Would recommend.”

- K. Sitz

“This is delicious - I add it to my coffee, and also tried it mixed into a warm cup of almond milk and it's my new favorite drink. Plus, it's really healthy. So glad the ghee is grass fed. Quality stuff - I'll buy more.”

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- Melissa Osborne

“Royal Ghee is shockingly delicious for something that is that good for you. I was a little skeptical because of the dark green color, but it tastes like icing. I can't understand why the entire health world is not going crazy for it. I definitely see a difference in my energy and lack of hunger when i have some on my toast for breakfast. I only wish the jars were bigger.”


“I was so surprised by how delicious this is. I bought it because I wanted an easy way to incorporate some adaptogens into my everyday routine and this fit the bill. I didn't realize I would love the taste so much! I'm sure it's delicious on lots of things but honestly I just take a teaspoonful everyday - it's easy and very tasty.”

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