rose + saffron infused argan oil, carrot seed oil, essential oils of: geranium, basil, saffron, rose

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$75.00   1 FL OZ | 30 ML 

Inspired by the ancient healing and beautifying therapies, exotic aromas and elixirs of the East, and the delicate balance required for our skin’s unique biome - Sacred Eclipse symbolizes the balance and pull between the sun and moon’s energies, yin and yang, and the transformative properties between heaven and earth.

Carefully crafted to hydrate, soothe, repair and renew even the most sensitive and reactive of skin, our unique blend features deeply nourishing organic cold-pressed and unrefined Moroccan argan oil infused with rose, saffron, and essential oils of rose, saffron, geranium, carrot seed, and basil, creating an intoxicating and equally beneficial elixir that can be used day or night as a serum, moisturizer, oil cleanser or gua sha lubricating oil for all skin types.

Each glass bottle is reiki-attuned for additional energetic healing and infused for 30 days aligned with the lunar and biodynamic calendar for optimal benefit. 

Our argan oil is sourced directly from a Women’s Cooperative in Morocco. The argan is grown organically, hand picked and shelled, cold-pressed and non-deodorized for a truly superior product that helps to support this amazing group of women. 

*While our products have been tested on the most sensitive of skin, we advise you to patch test a small area before applying to your face. Results may vary. Store in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.

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Sacred Eclipse Regenerative Oil Serum

Liquid Gold. Our organic Sacred Eclipse facial argan oil is carefully crafted to hydrate, soothe, repair & renew even the most sensitive and reactive skin.



This luxurious ancient and healing oil, aptly nicknamed ‘liquid gold’, has been prized for its rich essential fatty acid content, as well as vitamins A, E, squalene, polyphenol antioxidants, carotenes, and softening saponins, helping to restore and prevent dry and matured skin, scars and acne. It is anti-inflammatory as well as antimicrobial, lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin and subtle nutty aroma aroma.

ROSE ABSOLUTE – Rosa damascena (Moroccan origin)
Sacred, sensual, heart opening, uplifting, balancing and yin-supporting. Rose, complex in benefit and aroma, is prized for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties - protective and restorative, helping to reduce redness, irritation and swelling, while improving circulation. It is soothing to the most delicate of skin and replenishes, tightens and tones dry, mature and damaged skin while encouraging cellular regeneration.

GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL – Pelargonium graveolens
As well as having a balancing effect on the mind and emotions, this uplifting essential oil has balancing properties which extend all the way out to the skin. Geranium oil increases cellular turnover and helps to heal scars, prevent stretch marks, and dulled skin in need of renewal and radiance. It also contains high levels of antioxidants and has been shown to kill cancer cells in vitro. In addition it reduces overall inflammation and acts as an anti-fungal and antibacterial suitable for most skin types.

CARROT SEED OIL – Daucus carota
An ancient, powerful healer of dry, sensitive and mature skin, rich in carotene, natural retinol, antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E, prized for its deeply nourishing, moisturizing and detoxifying properties. It helps to tone, boost circulation, build collagen, reduce fine lines, fade age spots and scarring, and repair damaged skin cells. It has a natural SPF of 40 and is suitable for all skin types.

SWEET BASIL – Ocimum basilicum (c.t. linalool)
Studied for its antibacterial and antifungal properties as well as its high levels of antioxidants, basil helps protect against DNA damage, regenerating and healing the skin while also killing the bacteria, Propionibacterium Acnes, known to cause acne. It’s scent is sweet and uplifting, and is known to improve the mood.

With a reputation as being the most expensive of herbs, saffron has long been used and revered despite its laborious production dating back to ancient Greeks, Indians and Egyptians. Intoxicating, rich and woody, spicy and floral in scent, saffron is prized for its many benefits. From an aromatherapy perspective, it is known to uplift the mood and even treat depression.

It contains antibacterial qualities making it effective at gently treating acne while repairing and soothing the skin simultaneously. Saffron oil is high in carotenoid compounds, such as zeaxanthin, lycopene, alpha and beta carotene; calcium, vitamins, and proteins. The high antioxidant activity of saffron oil helps to prevent free radical damage to the skin. It serves as skin lightener, wrinkle-reducer, and effectively treats dark circles under eyes, while eliminating dull and dry skin.

- L.S.

“When I started to pay attention to not only the results but also the quality of ingredients, I found this Sacred Eclipse Oil. I basically use it everyday both at night and in the morning. The results actually can be seen overnight. I can see my skin hydrated next morning. Even if I got sunburn, it largely reduced the redness and burn overnight. Also, I like that it includes the nature sunscreen of carrot seed oil so that it gives me extra protection in the daytime.”

- Emily

“My skin just loves the Sacred Eclipse Facial Oil! Post-cleansing, it rapidly absorbs into my skin without leaving any oily residue behind. It leaves my face deeply hydrated and softens signs of aging. I can feel the impeccable quality of the all-natural ingredients working.”

- Sophie

“I use the sacred eclipse oil daily and it's such a relaxing, healing product. My skin has remained super soft and moisturized since starting to use it, even through dry NYC winters. In addition to its benefits to my skin, it's wonderful to start the day with a silky aromatic product.”

- Kate

"The oil dramatically improved the brightness and overall coloring of my face! It's crazy, it's soothed out roughness and I feel glowy!"

"I have been using Sacred Eclipse for over a year now. It has transformed my appearance and given my skin a healthy glow and pushed away the tired looking wrinkles and shadows under my eyes. Applying it alone is worth the experience as you savor the aroma of the natural ingredients. Sacred Eclipse literally breathes the integrity of its founder. The care and experience of this holistic company with deep roots in the Eastern holistic tradition is so evident. This is a transformative product made with care."


"I could not recommend this magic potion more.My skin has NEVER been so soft and hydrated. Thank you for making clean products that work incredibly well."


"The sacred eclipse oil is incredible! My skin feels supple and nourished - and the scent is wonderful! Thank you for making my new favorite products!"


"Beautifully scented and luxurious to apply. I'd liken the facial oil to a slightly heavier version of the Vintner's Daughter formula."

- MaGPIE by Jen Shoop

"I love the facial oil and mist – I've been using them pretty much every night since I received them and they've definitely made my skin feel glowy all through my pregnancy."

- Laura mcLaws Helms

- The Chalkboard Mag

“Talk about the royal treatment… Lately we’re obsessing over Royal Ghee, a modern take on Ayurvedic prash — a divine blend of ghee and honey. Royal Ghee turns the healing power of raw honey, clarified butter, adaptogens and greens into a buttery blend that is both both deeply nourishing and cake batter-level delicious. Is there anything better?”

- Lacy Phillips, To Be Magnetic

“This adaptogenic royal whipped ghee is EVERYTHING. We've been putting in our tonics daily.”

- Emilio Palafox BPC, HMC

I’m in love with this stuff! Big Biohacker for 8 years and this stuff is a killer product!”

- Dr. Nadia Musavvir ND

“I love it because it contains raw honey, good fats, greens and adaptogenic herbs – great to keep your energy up throughout the day!”

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- Michelle Badillo

This product is sublime, delicate, powerful and so versatile. The magical mix of ingredients and their wonderful qualities that can adapt to any meal makes it out of this world!!”

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- Victoria

“This product is insanely DELICIOUS! I can’t count the amount of times I’ve eaten half the jar in one sitting. The ingredients are all too quality and you can tell there is passion put into each jar made.” 

- J. Roberts

“This ghee is delicious. I am lactose-intolerant and wanted something that could give me the satisfaction of butter, and liked the extra health benefits. I was surprised by how delicious it is! The honey adds a subtle sweetness that makes it feel like a treat without being overkill. This time I tried the 'Gold' option with turmeric, which has a hint more bitterness and a lovely golden color. The whipped texture is lovely and high quality. Would recommend.”

- K. Sitz

“This is delicious - I add it to my coffee, and also tried it mixed into a warm cup of almond milk and it's my new favorite drink. Plus, it's really healthy. So glad the ghee is grass fed. Quality stuff - I'll buy more.”

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- Melissa Osborne

“Royal Ghee is shockingly delicious for something that is that good for you. I was a little skeptical because of the dark green color, but it tastes like icing. I can't understand why the entire health world is not going crazy for it. I definitely see a difference in my energy and lack of hunger when i have some on my toast for breakfast. I only wish the jars were bigger.”


“I was so surprised by how delicious this is. I bought it because I wanted an easy way to incorporate some adaptogens into my everyday routine and this fit the bill. I didn't realize I would love the taste so much! I'm sure it's delicious on lots of things but honestly I just take a teaspoonful everyday - it's easy and very tasty.”

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