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Inspired by the many modalities that I’ve studied and transformed my own health, I’ve created one stop to
help you align, balance and
empower your health.

Complete with all the tools needed to help you align with Nature and live the path of least resistance. Learn to balance the body and restore health one season at a time.

With an integrative and holistic approach to merging ancient wisdom with modern nutrition, the wellness portal provides all the tools you need to reach your goals holistically with ease and sustainability.

Whether you are on your path to feeling well or simply fine tuning, the wellness portal is your guide to helping you achieve your health goals. 

The further from nature we become, the more our health is impacted. 

Isn’t it time to live in accordance with your natural cycle and create an enriched life?

Let’s create sustainable health one season at a time. 

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The Wellness Portal

How to live in accordance with nature and the seasonal energies, no matter where in the world you live. The further disconnected from this natural flow we get the more our health is impacted.

Here's What You'll Learn



Provide lifestyle and wellness foundation herbal therapies and additional support to help you adjust your routine when you feel imbalance or would like to provide additional healing.


Go at your pace. Subscription of one month gains access to a way of living, you can adjust for your own needs, plus additional support and monthly live q+a’s and workshops to help take your health and healing deeper. 


With the support of your Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Community, learn how to make small shifts for sustainable results, helping to tap into your deeper intuition to regain your health sovereignty.


How It Works

Our ongoing rolling sessions begin every month. Sign up each month, whenever you are ready to explore and deep dive into the portal to sustained wellness, rooting and finding balance in your own energy and taking the next steps towards health sovereignty.

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You’ll receive access to the online Wellness Portal which includes access to Flora's, Living with the Seasons Lifestyle and Detoxification program. Choose to focus on what you need at your own pace with the additional support of our private online community and access to Alle for any questions that come up along the way.

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Each month you wish to participate, you’ll have access to our growing online community, live additional virtual lectures, and live Q+A - your opportunity to ask any questions you have, connect and talk about the the season we are in. 

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Monthly access to our online growing community and Wellness Portal

Access to Flora’s Living with the Seasons Lifestyle and Detoxification program

Support and access to Alle, for any course-related questions and how to individualize your programs further

Access to our growing private online community for additional group support and accountability

Additional live virtual lectures, classes and Q+A’s relevant to the season and current energies we are experiencing

what's included?

See individual a la carte course descriptions for details of each course and cleanse materials.

[Living with the Seasons is self-guided. All videos are pre-recorded to allow for you to go at your own pace and reference back to lessons and videos.]

You’ve tried every diet with no success

Tired and imbalanced

curious about seasonal approach to living

Ready to take control of your own health 

Ready to regain intuition

ready to Live IN Accordance with nature

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Download our 5 page wellness journal templates complete with weekly meal planner, shopping lists, self-care and daily meal trackers.

Build healthier habits with ease and accountability.


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