The “Akasha” or life force is a chronicle of all past, present and future events since your first existence. 

Used as a life tool, we are able to access this energy and a person’s guides to understand and work through deep-rooted trauma, heal, understand soul’s purpose, find support to life’s most complex questions, or simply understand where we came from and how best to live out this life to the fullest.

This imprint of an individual’s complete history is led by a powerful group of compassionate energies. 

what is Akashic Record Reading?

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 45 minute reading


- What is my soul purpose in this lifetime?

- What emotional healing do I need to do to address my physical pain?

- What would be productive for me to engage in for greater finances during this time?

- What foods should I be consuming right now to support my health goals?

- What is my soul contract with _ ?

- How can I best heal my relationship with _ ?

- What steps do I need to take?

Pretty much any question is valid with the exception of YES/NO questions.

We can ask questions like…

The Guides are simply that, and therefore believe in free will. They have chosen you, respect you and honor your journey. They love you unconditionally and will attempt to point you in the best direction with the least complications towards your soul’s destiny. However, in every moment and every decision we make we change our route to that outcome. There are infinite ways to get to the same place. For this reason, we can ask the exact same question and receive a different answer every time we do a reading because, according to the Akashic Records, we are a different person than we were when we first asked it.

The Guides will also never reveal anything you are not ready to hear. For this reason, you may not receive the answer to the question you ask, or will receive an answer that you didn’t expect. Again, this does not mean you will never get the answer to this question, you simply may not be ready to receive what they wish to share with you.

Every reading is truly unique. The language and chosen words they use, to the visions, colors and sensations felt, are intentional and meant to be explored by the client.

The session will begin with a check in and grounding exercise. I will access your records gifted with your permission and disclosure of your full legal name. If there are any questions about the process, I will answer them during this time.

Then, I will open the records through a prayer. Once open, it is a casual conversation between you and I. I will ask your questions and they will respond through my channeling. There is room to ask for clarification if something does not make sense or rephrase a question if we don’t receive an answer.

I encourage notes, once again, because even the phrasing of the information is intentional and valuable. Sessions can be profound, emotional and transformative. Every session is sacred and is just what it needs to be for you at this moment.

Pre-thought out questions are suggested but do not need to be submitted to me beforehand.

How to prepare for a reading