Every morning is a new beginning. The new day brings a refreshed energy and chance to accomplish something new and truly remarkable. Call me tradition or “old school” but I still call breakfast my favorite and most important meal of the day. What I eat fuels my body, mind and spirit and sets the precedent […]

morning rituals: black matcha rose + coconut milk tonic latte


black matcha rose coconut tonic

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his and hers valentine's day chocolate truffle recipes

In honor of Valentine’s Day we’re highlighting the food of the gods, cacao, with a his and her truffle duo. Who doesn’t like chocolate, right? And if they don’t, they’re probably not to be trusted. If you have a date for this Valentine’s holiday, make sure to make both of these recipes and share them […]

valentine’s ex machina: his and hers truffles

Desserts + Baked Goods

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