Winter skincare that’s truly aligned with the season, is more than skin deep. The lack of humidity and constant change in temperature, from indoors to outdoors, dehydrates our skin and can cause dryness – which in turn causes the pores to overproduce sebum, leading to skin irritation, dry scaly patches and clogged pores.  As tempting […]

The Holistic Winter Skincare Routine


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Ayurvedic Skincare, natural beauty herbal skincare

Many believe healers, nutritionists, etc., have it all figured out. That they’ve found that thing, the cure or silver bullet to – insert ailment/issue, here. In my experience it’s actually quite the opposite. I write this as I soothe a rash that has spread across my chest and face. Stress and anxiety related I suppose. […]

what it means to be beautiful – an ayurvedic approach to beauty


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While most of us are diligent in avoiding the many chemicals, additives, and preservatives that may be hiding in our food and used in food production, we are unaware or turn a blind eye to the harsh chemicals, detergents, and additives that are unnecessarily used in our soaps, hair products, moisturizers, makeups, and other bath […]

naked beauty: whipped detoxifying body butter


All natural detoxifying body butter

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cooling cantaloupe smoothie

Summer has arrived, and marking the start of this hot and juicy season comes a bounty of the most delicious, refreshing and cooling produce – melons. This recipe could have very well been the result of our lengthy conversations had while escaping heat-induced comas under the weak stream of a single standing fan. One such […]

flesh and seed: cooling cantaloupe milk smoothie


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I always know Fall has arrived when I begin to itch and scratch. From head to toe my scalp, fingers, arms and legs become dry and flaky for what seems almost no reason at all. I have all but begun to accept the fact that each year I will have to slather myself in oils […]

invigorating sesame ginger oil


invigorating Ayurvedic ginger and sesame body oil for Fall

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