If you’ve been following the journey of flora ex machina, it’s no surprise that Maine is highlighted and/or the inspiration for nearly every post and recipe. When I think about the end of summer, the transition of seasons, and the cornucopia of produce, I am transported to the fields and gardens of Maine that lay […]

sweet and savory end of summer custard frittatas


summer souffles frittatas

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Superfood fig raw bars with Royal Ghee

Way back when, when I was still beginning my healing education, I was devoted to the raw lifestyle. I dove deep into the world of blending, dehydrating and mandolining pretty much every fruit and vegetable I could get my hand on. I happened to live very close to an amazing store in NYC, Live – […]

royal summer – superfood fig + bee pollen royal ghee bars

Royal Ghee

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“Between fresh and rotten, there is a creative space in which some of the most compelling of flavors arise.” – Sandor Katz, The Art of Fermentation As Summer comes to a close and we begin to transition into the Autumn season, we are left with a cornucopia of the season’s harvest. Plump, fragrant melons; a […]

preserving summer: the art of fermentation


the art of fermentation: preserving summer with three recipes

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cooling cantaloupe smoothie

Summer has arrived, and marking the start of this hot and juicy season comes a bounty of the most delicious, refreshing and cooling produce – melons. This recipe could have very well been the result of our lengthy conversations had while escaping heat-induced comas under the weak stream of a single standing fan. One such […]

flesh and seed: cooling cantaloupe milk smoothie


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