the royal treatment: tonic style

I’ve come to think of my free time as a form of active meditation. Each activity, each meal, and conversation centering and balancing my mind, body, and spirit. This process has not only allowed my mind to ground itself, but pulls me into the present moment, creating an entire restorative experience.

When it comes to food and nourishment, all my senses are present. During Fall and Winter, especially, there are certain emotions/experiences that are forever rooted in these flavors. Fall, for instance, makes me yearn for a hibernation cocktail – a warming tonic fireside, after a walk in the woods. Coming home in that crisp air, the smell of rotting leaves and burning wood, are that umami flavor that provides extra nourishment in my cup. The whole experience is tailormade down to the spoon, pulling me in and restoring my soul.

It doesn’t matter where I am, LA or Maine, instantly I am transported to this ideal. Royal Ghee has also amplified this feeling. My intention was always to create a delicious food that was also functional and multi-purpose, but I never expected it to transport the senses to this place. When combined in a warming tonic, I am instantly comforted and nourished. It reminds me to check out and check in. Balance yin with yang, decadent with purpose. Promote health, not diminish it.

Whether you make this tonic with or without Royal Ghee, I encourage you to make it a ritual. Make every step about supporting your body. For the here and now and with the set intentions of what your heart desires most

. . . . . . .

Royal Ghee is whipped spread made from the most nutritive ingredients on Earth. Inspired by the traditional nutritive Ayurvedic spread, Chyawanprash – we’ve taken the same principles, and Westernized and modernized the overall vibe and ingredients into a whipped honey butter with benefits.

It’s sourced from the finest organic ingredients including grass-fed, pastured and traditionally made ghee, raw California wildflower honey, and a blend of medicinal, and alkalizing greens, adaptogenic herbs, grounding roots, and immunity-boosting mushrooms. Royal Ghee provides a daily boost of potent nutrition and sustained energy with the flavor of a creamy, decadent treat.

Like chyawanprash, Royal ghee is blended with potent medicinal ingredients that are known to:

-Provide energy

-Boost immunity

-Promote digestion

-Help to eliminate toxins

-Boosts nutrient absorption

-Promote cell rejuvenation with antioxidant content and fatty acids

Royal Ghee is a thick and creamy, whipped spread that can be consumed daily as a nutritive boost by the spoonful, added to smoothies, “bulletproof” tea and coffee, spread onto toast, and slathered as icing…the possibilities are endless.

The Royal Tonic:


3 cups brewed chaga tea
1 cup raw goat milk or cream
1 heaping tablespoon Royal Ghee
1 tablespoon collagen powder
1 tablespoon tocotrienol powder
1 teaspoon pine pollen
1/4 teaspoon vanilla powder
stevia to taste (optional)


Warm chaga tea in a saucepan on the stovetop to a simmer.

Then, add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth and creamy.

Serve warm.

Flora ex Machina is excited to be joining The Fullest Holiday Market, December 17th in Laguna. Come find us! We’ll be stocked with Royal Ghee, holiday gift boxes, and of course samples of our delicious spread and our Royal Tonic. We hope you can join us!

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