Healthy indulgences may sound a bit like an oxymoron, but why can’t the decadent foods we crave be just as nutritious and crave-worthy? Can’t we have it all? In a world of contradictions and stereotypes, we crave the unknown, complex, and unobtainable while also desiring the simplistic, wholesome, and sustainable. It may be hard to […]

bark with bite: raw floral infused white chocolate charcoal bark

Desserts + Baked Goods

herbal infused white chocolate charcoal bark

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Ayurvedic Skincare, natural beauty herbal skincare

Many believe healers, nutritionists, etc., have it all figured out. That they’ve found that thing, the cure or silver bullet to – insert ailment/issue, here. In my experience it’s actually quite the opposite. I write this as I soothe a rash that has spread across my chest and face. Stress and anxiety related I suppose. […]

what it means to be beautiful – an ayurvedic approach to beauty


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While most of us are diligent in avoiding the many chemicals, additives, and preservatives that may be hiding in our food and used in food production, we are unaware or turn a blind eye to the harsh chemicals, detergents, and additives that are unnecessarily used in our soaps, hair products, moisturizers, makeups, and other bath […]

naked beauty: whipped detoxifying body butter


All natural detoxifying body butter

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kitchen pantry effective facial mask recipes

We are firm believers in the less is more approach to health and wellness. When it comes to beauty, the same holds true. Sometimes it’s the less you lather on that supports your skin health the most. Of course that means, 100% natural! And sometimes, just sometimes, those superfoods and powerhouses of nutrition provide double […]

all that and the kitchen sink facial masks


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When it comes to skincare, we don’t always realize just how many unnatural things we intentionally apply to our skin, hair and nails on a daily basis. These chemicals, irritants, and additives are not always easy to avoid and often they only contribute to our dependency on them. A perfect example of this is hair […]

lather, rinse, repeat: all natural dry shampoo for all hair colors


DIY: all natural dry shampoo for every hair color

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