In what seems like a lifetime ago, Nikki Bostwick and I crossed paths during a time that I imagine we were both beginning to embody our desires and dreams more fully. I was working as an instructor and course developer for a plant-based culinary academy while Nikki was a student. Even then, Nikki embodied a […]

The Muses: Nikki Bostwick

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Nikki Bostwick

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gluten free sponge cake with saffron, royal ghee and yogurt

In my opinion, desserts should be guiltless, delicious, and outrageously satisfyingly decadent at the same time. My mind goes to beautifully decorated tea cakes, flavored with floral essences, and topped with sugar flowers. Each bite is savored, the last bite lingering. Desserts are a special occasion in of themselves – a presentation fit for a queen.

a cake fit for a queen


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I don’t remember the first time I tried a lassi, but every first sip I am instantly transported to another place and time. I’m a sucker for the delicate yet complex floral and exotic flavor the saffron and rose provide diffused into the tartness and creaminess of the buttermilk. Smooth and silky, without being heavy, the […]

saffron + rose coconut lassi


Ayurvedic Rose and Saffron coconut yogurt lassi

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Ayurvedic Skincare, natural beauty herbal skincare

Many believe healers, nutritionists, etc., have it all figured out. That they’ve found that thing, the cure or silver bullet to – insert ailment/issue, here. In my experience it’s actually quite the opposite. I write this as I soothe a rash that has spread across my chest and face. Stress and anxiety related I suppose. […]

what it means to be beautiful – an ayurvedic approach to beauty


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