The Muses: Nikki Bostwick

Nikki Bostwick

In what seems like a lifetime ago, Nikki Bostwick and I crossed paths during a time that I imagine we were both beginning to embody our desires and dreams more fully. I was working as an instructor and course developer for a plant-based culinary academy while Nikki was a student. Even then, Nikki embodied a warm and inviting energy, enveloping you with her passion that seemed to radiate, ‘get ready for what I’m about to do!’ Nikki quickly created what was then called, Poppy + Seed, and I’ve continued to admire the growth and development of her incredible wellness hub. THE FULLEST, is an online wellness platform with an integrity and dedication unparalleled. Nikki’s is a modern soothsayer and sage with a wisdom beyond her years and an incredible ability to bring and bridge communities. With a firm belief that mental health is the cornerstone of wellness, Nikki has expanded her offerings to include the holistic and clinically proven saffron-based product line to support anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Pay attention world, this woman is a pioneer, and we would all be a bit wiser and healthier if we heeded her advise.

Alle Weil: Flora ex Machina, has many meanings, one of which is derived from deus ex machina – that sudden pivotal moment that helps to resolve the seemingly unsolvable difficulty. Did you have a particular “ah ha” moment in your life that either led you to the path you are on or helped you overcome a difficult time in your life?

Nikki Bostwick: I’ve experienced several “aha” moments in my life that have guided me on my journey and kept me on track. However, I would say I was drawn to the wellness path, in part, because of a yoga instructor who profoundly impacted my life with his unique perspective. As a young girl dealing with a difficult family dynamic, yoga helped me build confidence and connect with my intuition. Without that experience, I might not have learned how to tap into my inner guidance, which is crucial when building your own brand and sharing your unique perspective with the world. It takes a lot of courage to be yourself and not let others’ opinions deter you.

It takes a lot of courage to be yourself and not let others’ opinions deter you.

AW: Wellness is a term with numerous interpretations. In a world of endless variations, what does wellness mean to you, and how do you maintain your well-being?

NB: I briefly mentioned this earlier, but I genuinely believe that emotional well-being should be our top priority when discussing wellness. While many factors affect our emotions, we can start with simple things like walking, staying hydrated with filtered water, consuming organic fruits and vegetables, and surrounding ourselves with uplifting people. These are the basics that help our bodies heal, while we delve deeper into the emotional work necessary to address the root causes of our trauma. Our thoughts are truly everything!

Flora ex Machina The Muses: Nikki Bostwick

AW: While dietary and wellness needs/desires differ for everyone, I do find that providing examples of daily practices can help to inspire people to create good and healthy habits. Do you have a wellness routine that you follow every day, week, or month?

NB: I’m a big fan of baths! I love a good soak, and our saffron baths offer a relaxing and soothing experience that you can easily incorporate into your weekly routine.

AW: Are there any supplements, therapies, practices, or skin/food products that you incorporate often or can’t live without?

NB: I’ve had a love-hate relationship with ghee over the years, but I recently rediscovered it when I started using Flora Ex Machina Ghee during an Ayurvedic cleanse called Panchakarma. I love the balance of sweet and savory it adds to my meals, especially with porridge and veggies. In terms of therapies, I’m a big fan of craniosacral therapy to help release stored trauma in the body, as well as castor oil packs, known as “Palma de Christi” in Latin, for their remarkable healing properties

AW: What’s an under-appreciated wellness secret you’d like to share?

NB: Vaginal steaming is a powerful practice that many people are nervous to discuss, but it can offer deep healing benefits. Incorporating this into your monthly routine can help address fertility issues, endometriosis, fibroids, hormone imbalances, and other challenges that are often influenced by environmental toxins we can’t control. It allows us to optimize our body’s natural cleansing ability.

AW: What advice would you give to someone who is just beginning their journey into natural wellness and seeking guidance on where to start?

NB: I’m passionate about changing people’s perspective on healing. Our bodies are intelligent and always working to bring us back into balance and a state of healing if we take good care of ourselves. This care involves assessing every aspect of our lives, from emotional well-being to structural and biochemical imbalances. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of THE FULLEST Resources to support individuals at any stage of their wellness journey

AW: As someone deeply involved in the wellness industry, regularly interviewing pioneers, who has recently inspired you and influenced your wellness pursuits and practices?
NB: I find immense inspiration in birth workers, death doulas, and caretakers. Their work exists beyond the boundaries of time and space, relying on intuition and deep connections with their clients. The people I’ve met on my journey and those I’ve interviewed have shared their experiences, which I’m grateful for and continue to learn from.

AW: In your opinion, what do you think the next wave of wellness will be? Herbs? Meditation? Mindfulness? Quantum?
NB: I believe that Quantum Physics will play a significant role in the next decade. Despite our increasing reliance on technology, many people are realizing the importance of deeper connections in the physical world. Quantum healing and philosophy bridge the gap, offering a scientific perspective on the spiritual truth and the profound interconnectedness of the universe.

AW: Finally, is there a phrase, mantra, or words of wisdom that resonates with you at the moment?

NB: “All I need is all I have in this moment” is a reminder on our Warm Feelings saffron latte packaging. It encourages us to embrace gratitude, allowing us to witness the miracles that occur all around us.

Nikki Bostwick is the Founder and Editor in Chief of THE FULLEST and host of THE FULLEST Podcast. THE FULLEST is a Certified B Corp offering a holistic wellness platform and saffron based product line. Nikki is passionate about sharing time-tested ancient healing practices and herbs that support root cause healing. Nikki has been in the wellness scene for 10+ years — after receiving a B.S. in Entrepreneurship, she studied plant-based foods at Matthew Kenney Culinary, and is a certified yoga teacher and reiki practitioner.

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The Muses: Nikki Bostwick

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