Medicinally violets are magic, but showcasing their flavors are also a joy, and this syrup aids in the delivery of their properties while enhancing their sweet flavor in an equally complex flavor composition and additional benefit of wildflower honey.

sweet violet honey syrup


Sweet Violet Honey Syrup

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Royal Ghee Gold, three ways with 3 delicious ways to use

By now we hope you’ve been introduced to our newest Flora ex Machina addition, Royal Ghee Gold. Like our original flavor, she’s been thoughtfully crafted into our enriched signature base of whipped pastured and grass-fed and organic ghee, raw and unfiltered wildflower honey and creamy vitamin D and E-rich, skin, hair and nail-supporting tocotrienol powder. […]

royal ghee gold, three ways

Royal Ghee

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I’ve come to think of my free time as a form of active meditation. Each activity, each meal, and conversation centering and balancing my mind, body, and spirit. This process has not only allowed my mind to ground itself, but pulls me into the present moment, creating an entire restorative experience. When it comes to […]

the royal treatment: tonic style

Royal Ghee

Royal Ghee chaga tonic latte

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kava passion flower and poppyseed milk tonic for stress

RH: Sometimes we just need to find our zen, and we all have different ways of making this happen. Lots of people go to yoga (awesome! – we love this), some people go running, meditate, read a book, have a glass of wine (or two). One thing is for certain, everyone at one point during […]

zen out


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