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The Muses: Sarah Tyer

Sarah Tyer The Muses

When I think of Sarah, there is really only one word that comes to mind – Radiance. Sarah Tyer’s effervescence’s is intoxicating. She’s like lightning in a bottle, and someone you want need to have in your corner. She’s the epitome of the IT girl, along with the humble and grounded girl next door all merged into one, who stands so fully in herself you can’t help but ask, ‘what’s her secret?’ Our friendship has spanned the course of 15+ years, two states, changing careers, big wins, and big shifts. when we first met in NYC, we were both modeling and involved in an industry where it was so hard to find any glimmer of authenticity, but I found Sarah. We were two young twenty-somethings finding themselves in the big city craving connection and the bigger answers to life’s questions, and found each other.

She’s collected every tool from her rich background and now helps others find their light and life’s true calling. Sarah is a true inspiration and Muse in every sense of the word, and I am so happy to share her radiance with the world.

Alle Weil: Flora ex Machina, has many meanings, one of which is derived from deus ex machina – that sudden pivotal moment that helps to resolve the seemingly unsolvable difficulty. Did you have a particular “ah ha” moment in your life that either led you to the path you are on or helped you overcome a difficult time in your life?

Sarah Tyer: Absolutely! My journey aligns closely with the essence of Flora ex Machina, drawing inspiration from a pivotal “ah-ha” moment. Central to my message is the profound impact of self-love and the intricate balance of internal and external relationships. Despite the cliché, my time in the modeling industry brought forth a struggle with disordered eating, navigating between extremes that were neither expansive nor enjoyable. The toll of societal beauty standards on my self-perception, coupled with negative self-talk, persisted even after overcoming disordered eating independently. In 2019, a low point in my mental health prompted a decisive change. Cultivating an extraordinary relationship with myself became the catalyst for removing lingering blocks. By committing to self-love and realigning my energy, I experienced a transformative shift. This shift translated into surpassing financial expectations, manifesting a meaningful relationship, and summoning the courage to leave my 9-5 job and pursue my dreams. My goal is to share this empowering success story with every woman I connect with, fostering a journey of self-love, abundance, and fulfillment. It’s the driving force behind everything I do!

Get solid in who you are and what you need and you’ve already mastered what most people spend a lifetime looking for!

AW: Wellness is a term that has ballooned to mean so many different things. In a world of endless variations, what does wellness mean to you and how do you stay well?

ST: Wellness has been a constant thread in my life from late teens into my twenties, evolving significantly in meaning. Initially associated with healthy food and physical consumption, it has transformed into a term encapsulating my mental state. To me, wellness now equates to living in alignment – a solid foundation in the relationship with oneself and the mind. The realization that true wellness hinges on aligning my energy and mental state brought about a profound shift in my life. Embracing this understanding has been transformative, emphasizing the integral connection between mental well-being and a fulfilling life.

Sarah Tyer, The Muses

AW: While dietary and wellness needs/desires differ for everyone, I do find that providing examples of daily practices can help to inspire people to create good and healthy habits. Do you have a wellness routine that you follow every day, week, or month?

ST: Absolutely! My morning and evening daily rituals really form the cornerstone of a well-lived day. Mornings kick off with cuddles from my dog, Coby, which instantly engages my heart chakra and sets the tone for a super positive day ahead. My morning tonics, a blend of dandelion tea, essential minerals, electrolytes, and a spectrum of mushrooms, not to mention Agent Nature’s MSM and Collagen powder, fuel my cells and hydrate me post-sleep. These concoctions are enjoyed at my meditation altar, a sacred space where I connect with spirit guides, clear my head, journal, pull oracle cards, whatever I feel I need for that day is how I approach this space. Finding a daily spiritual practice really filled a void in my life. Evenings are dedicated to embracing life with passion (and romanticizing life every which way I can)! Lighting a favorite candle, engaging in a full-body ritual featuring dry brushing, gua sha, and luxurious oils like the beloved Flora lymph oil, really tending to and nurturing my body. Every night becomes a special occasion, and has done magnificent things for my own embodiment of self-love. I love turning the ordinary to something extraordinary!!

AW: Are there any supplements, therapies, practices, or skin/food products that you incorporate often or can’t live without?

ST: I can’t live without the FEM Lymphatic Support Massage and Body Oil; I truly believe the lymphatic system is the unsung hero of the body! Dry brushing and the Flora oil make a great combo for keeping that system moving the waste out of our cells. I also can’t live without a daily mineral supplement. Our food system has become depleted, and we are often drinking filtered water which means we are no longer getting minerals in our daily diet. They’re the cornerstone of cell health, so I make sure I consume them in a variety of ways. One of my favorites is my homemade sea moss gel!

AW: What’s an under-appreciated wellness secret you’d like to share?

ST: Tongue scraping

AW: What advice would you give to someone who is just beginning their journey into natural wellness and seeking guidance on where to start?

ST: My best advice and the advice that I wish I could pass on to my younger self is to start with your relationship with yourself. Get back into alignment with your soul’s energy and move from there. The wellness industry has become gimmicky over the years and feels like it’s mirroring the beauty industry – having people jumping from trend to trend. Get solid in who you are and what you need and you’ve already mastered what most people spend a lifetime looking for!

AW: Finally, is there a phrase, mantra, or words of wisdom that resonates with you at the moment?

ST: “Your words and thoughts are like a magic wand – use them wisely!”

Sarah Tyer’s journey defies convention, choosing the extraordinary over the ordinary! Opting for a modeling contract in NYC instead of the traditional college route after high school, a unique perspective on the female experience was unveiled. Immersed in a competitive, female-dominated field, she observed how even the most beautiful women in the world hindered their own potential by believing false narratives and allowing limiting beliefs to hold them back.

After later pursuing higher education at Pepperdine University and attaining a Holistic Health Coaching certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Sarah found her calling in the coaching and inspiration world. Guided by her experience health coaching women, she recognized a universal yearning among women for growth and expansion, often obscured by uncertainty as to what was actually holding them back!

Today, Sarah is a beacon of inspiration, empowering women to realign their energy in order to get everything they want in life! Through her teachings, women discover a profound connection with themselves, align with impactful opportunities, and manifest aspirations beyond imagination. The essence lies in energy alignment and mindful focus, a transformative journey guided by Sarah’s expertise in the mindset space.

Connect with Sarah on Instagram and coaching practice, Baseline Gravity.

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