The Optimal Fall Cleanse

Hormone Balancing Fall Detox

The optimal Fall cleanse does not look like you think it should. 

In fact, in my personal and professional opinion, it shouldn’t. With more and more noise in the wellness space, it’s getting harder to understand what is helping to build up our health sustainably vs. simply a band-aid approach. 

When it comes to cleansing – Fall is the perfect time of year to harness the energy of the season and naturally re-balance our hormones and cleanse effectively and sustainably, without yo-yo diets or silver bullet quick fixes. 

While cleansing is an important process that allows us to rid our system of toxins, and excess hormones, and bounce back from periods of stagnation, when the body requires more support, a traditional juice cleanse or fast barely scrapes the surface of what our bodies need to nourish and heal, and can do more harm than good. 

Why a short detox is not enough

Our bodies are naturally detoxing continuously, whether we decide to participate in a cleanse or not. We are always creating by-products and hormones, that if not effectively removed from the system, can build up over time and lead to many of the systemic, chronic symptoms our society faces today. But many of these issues with our system not cleansing enough come from a problem with 1) not being active enough, leading to a stagnated lymphatic system,  2) not consuming a regular balanced diet, and 3) having compromised detox pathways. These are much deeper issues that a short detox just cannot address fully. 

While other cleanses flush the system, bypassing natural detox functions, they do not build sustainable results or help to correct the compromised systems that need stabilization and support.  

Aligning with the seasons is a solution to this problematic issue and a desire to go deeper and more sustainably, without depriving ourselves of the nutrients and calories we need.

The Optimal Fall Cleanse

By harnessing the natural flow of the season and the body’s natural desire to cleanse and prepare for the winter months, we can naturally cleanse the liver and rebalance our hormones, shed weight with minimal effort, and nourish our bodies with whole foods and seasonal ingredients that support our whole system during Fall. 

The emphasis is on the large intestines which absorb water and nutrients from our food. Also one of the most stressed organs in our system, Autumn reminds us to focus back on our food sources, digestion, and mindful habits to ease this overburdened system. 

Out of balance, stressed, or inflamed, our intestines create an additional source of pressure and congestion to our head, nose, neck, and sinuses.

We are what we eat, but more so what we assimilate. A weakened digestive tract can lead to a host of issues and reversible chronic illnesses. Studies are finally proving that even our emotions are directly linked to the health of our gut. Once we train ourselves to listen to the signals our bodies tell us, it’s hard not to see exactly what it needs to thrive. A cleanse can reset our intuition and connection to our food as a tool and medicine. When we honor the pure ingredients and tap into our deeper intuition, it’s hard not to want to nourish our bodies on a deeper level, more sustained level. 

Learn more about Living with the Seasons – Fall

When we harness the energy of the season and work with it rather than against it, understand its patterns and energy, and can anticipate these changes in ourselves as well as in Nature –  we flow and heal, restore and grow, and flourish with the season, emotionally and physically. Autumn is a wonderful time to cleanse to help purge stagnation. It’s a time when we naturally want to cleanse and eat warmer simpler meals, yet may feel a little imbalanced or stuck, and require a bit more structure and guidance.

Following a cleanse, diet, and lifestyle in line with the season will help to keep your body, mind, and spirit in balance during what can be a pretty turbulent season.

hormone balancing cleanse

What’s included in the program

This go-at-your-own-pace course serves as a step-by-step guide to re-balancing your entire system aligned with the seasonal energy of Fall. Use it as a lifestyle reset, cleanse or detox anytime during the Autumn and Winter seasons to gently and effectively detox, nourish and sustainably balance your hormones.

The content is relevant whether you are cleansing or not. Designed as a lifestyle program intended to go at your own pace or to follow the step-by-step guided two-week protocol, complete with nourishment rituals, shopping guides, self-care tools, cleansing, and nourishing recipes, videos, pdf printouts, and more.

Living with the seasons – Fall Cleanse lesson breakdown:


  • Introduction to the season’s energy
  • The season according to Eastern Studies
  • A note on geographic location
  • Potential symptoms of seasonal imbalance


  • Introduction to detoxification
  • Why we should cleanse
  • Potential benefits of detoxification
  • Detox benefits explored
  • What to expect when cleansing


  • Organ circadian association
  • Mind-body approach to healing
  • Tools for self-care
  • Lymphatic massage DYI


  • Nourishment rituals
  • Seasonal produce guides
    Pre + Post Cleanse protocol
  • How to prepare your body
  • Pre-cleanse what will I be eating?
  • Pre-cleanse meal plan
  • Pre + post recipe inspiration Official Cleanse
  • Your official cleanse meal plan
  • 5 day cleanse menu
  • Cleanse recipes
  • Kitchari
  • Homemade nut milk + chai pudding recipes
  • Soups + tonics recipes
  • Juices + smoothies recipes


  • Post- cleanse recommendations
  • How to sustain your results

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