If you’ve been following the journey of flora ex machina, it’s no surprise that Maine is highlighted and/or the inspiration for nearly every post and recipe. When I think about the end of summer, the transition of seasons, and the cornucopia of produce, I am transported to the fields and gardens of Maine that lay […]

sweet and savory end of summer custard frittatas


summer souffles frittatas

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Spring Herbal Pesto

As we settle into the arrival of Spring, it’s the perfect time to focus on Spring detoxification for optimal health. We’ll explore the benefits of detoxifying your body during the Spring season. While our bodies are constantly detoxifying from the natural byproducts of our foods and our environment – the fact is, we are subject […]

Spring Renewal: Detoxifying and Delicious Nettle and Dandelion Pesto


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Spring, the light at the end of a dark and cold, dormant season. The days are growing longer, the air is warming and the earth begins to crack and soften to allow for fresh new growth and blooms. Highly transitory, Spring begins with a windy, muddy and heavy energy that unravels slowly and then suddenly […]

green goddess spring detox smoothie


green goddess spring detox smoothie

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hormonal balancing holiday mocktail

At Flora, beauty is not something to achieve but to embody. Beauty is a radiance within all of us; a message in self-care that comes from within and mirrors the inner state of our health and being.  So when we talk about beautifying, it’s an inside job. Nourishing our bodies from the inside out with […]

The Winter Beauty Elixir


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The moment you open up a jar of ghee, you’ll notice that it’s quite different than ordinary butter. It has a slightly different look to it — as well as a slightly different aroma, a different flavor, and (though you may not be able to perceive with your senses) a different nutritional profile. Butter is […]

Is Ghee the Better Version of Butter?

Wellness Tips

making ghee

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liquid gold

If the millennia of tradition and history of argan oil rooted in ancient beauty practices is any indication of its efficacy, argan oil does wonders for your skin and hair. Perhaps that’s why this revered Moroccan oil has recently expanded in popularity across the globe. It has gone from folk medicine to a cultural phenomenon, […]

Why Your Face Loves Argan Oil


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The optimal Fall cleanse does not look like you think it should.  In fact, in my personal and professional opinion, it shouldn’t. With more and more noise in the wellness space, it’s getting harder to understand what is helping to build up our health sustainably vs. simply a band-aid approach.  When it comes to cleansing […]

The Optimal Fall Cleanse


Hormone Balancing Fall Detox

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woman's silhouette

One part nutrition. One part spirit guide. A whole lot of good vibes. How do you manifest the life you want to lead? It’s no surprise that from 2020 to now, most people have experienced changes and shifts to their lives that otherwise, naturally, might have taken a lifetime. For myself, aligning and manifesting the […]

The Art of Living Well: How to Manifest the Life you Want


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We are deep in Winter here in Maine. Six more weeks of Winter reads more like 18, and while we’re itching for Spring and some warm weather to stick, it’s been so wonderful to get cozy and tune into my body’s needs during the Winter season with this remineralizing Winter dashi broth. Even if you […]

Remineralizing Winter Dashi Broth


Angelica Kitchen vegan dashi

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Akashic Records

The “Akasha” or life force is a chronicle of all past, present and future events since our first existence. Used as a life tool, we are able to access this energy and a person’s guides to understand and work through deep-rooted trauma, to heal, to understand our soul’s purpose, to find support to life’s most complex questions, or simply to understand where we came from and how best to live out this life to the fullest.

2020 meets the akasha

The Akashic Records

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Medicinally violets are magic, but showcasing their flavors are also a joy, and this syrup aids in the delivery of their properties while enhancing their sweet flavor in an equally complex flavor composition and additional benefit of wildflower honey.

sweet violet honey syrup


Sweet Violet Honey Syrup

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superfood gluten-free gingerbread

What you see isn’t always what you get. The holidays are always a mixed bag for me. Heightened expectations of a warm and fuzzy holiday season mixed with a stark contrast of family drama, strained budgets, and over-indulging in the wrong foods leave me feeling ready to cleanse come the new year. Every year I […]

redefining expectations + the super man

Desserts + Baked Goods

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