The Art of Living Well: How to Manifest the Life you Want

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One part nutrition. One part spirit guide. A whole lot of good vibes.

How do you manifest the life you want to lead? It’s no surprise that from 2020 to now, most people have experienced changes and shifts to their lives that otherwise, naturally, might have taken a lifetime. For myself, aligning and manifesting the life I always envisioned, felt like diving off the deep end while simultaneously feeling like coming home to myself. 

Awakening and healing, regardless of the benefit, is not always an easy thing to stomach. The amount of effort it takes to shift your belief system, habits, routines, awareness, attitudes, while also plugging up a seemingly sinking ship of health-related symptoms, and while attempting to support your family, earn a living and live your life, is utterly exhausting. Energy is energy, and even in its most expansive state, it is all-consuming. 

But, an amazing thing happens when we align with ourselves. When what we feel, how we act and what we believe in all come together in synergy.  We find faith. Faith in a higher belief and cosmos, yes, but more importantly, faith and trust in ourselves. 

I’m not sure I realized it at the time, and of course not while I’ve been riding the wave of life, but I’ve collected quite a few tools along the way to regaining and reclaiming my health. Trained as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I realized after years of working with clients that food and nutrition are really such a small aspect of the work I offer. 

The lowest hanging fruits, so to speak. Those that have worked with me, know that even in the realm of nutrition, so many more things are at play. Food is rooted in tradition and tradition goes back hundreds if not thousands of years. It’s in our dna. When we talk about nutrition, we are talking about shifting one’s entire lifestyle and belief systems. Manifesting and aligning with ourselves can take a nutritionist, a strategizer, a counselor, a coach, a lifestyle designer, etc., etc.

It’s why I emphasize that this work is not a one and done. We simply do not change overnight, and (unfortunately) there is no quick fix, regardless of how badly we want or need one. Whether you are addressing your diet, starting a new hobby, quitting a bad habit or anything in between, there are so many factors involved in creating that 3D interpretation of your vision, both internally and externally, that require us to focus on a deeper rooted plan. 

I provide solutions and sustainable results, and that takes time, commitment and dedication to Strategize. Organize and Deliver Results. 

Together we’re building the life you want to lead. 

When we are in the mud – in the thick of it, we can feel like we aren’t moving. In fact it feels more like we are falling apart. 

When we are sick, or even just out of sorts, lost from that person we used to know so well, we wonder, how do we get back to that person I used to be?  We feel lost, unsupported and unable to find the direction to go, especially in the day and age of allll  the noise and resources we seem to have at our fingertips. We’re all experts, or seem to be.

But doctors provide pills, not solutions, Grocery stores are confusing and overwhelming. Every product is marketed as something we need, and diets seem to work for everyone but us. It’s just confusing. 

In a world with access to every resource at our fingertips, you’d think finding solutions to your health and wellness issues and goals would be easier, not harder.  This vicious cycle doesn’t propel us into a life to be desired. We turn to experts to tell us what to do for ourselves, rather than feeling empowered, beautiful and energized and motivated. 

I want to change that, and I want to change how you feel. 

I help to empower women in their bodies and minds. Trained as a certified Holistic Nutritionist, I also am a culinary and holistic skincare alchemist, a foodie, a reiki practitioner, a Bach Flower practitioner, and Akashic record reader and intuitive. All these tools come with me into my work with you. This holistic arsenal is what I love and what brings back the awareness and beauty and overall whole medicine into life. 

When we are aligned, we radiate. And I’ll help you get there, one step at a time. 

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Let’s manifest the life you’ve always wanted.

What does working with me look like?

We are capable of so much in a short period of time, but we need support and a strong plan.

Whole body Nutrition is at the core of and what centers our work together. We’ll also dive deeper into what motivates you? What do you need to thrive in life? What systems and routines do you need to design in order to sustain your new found health? 

At the center of your health is a holistic wellness plan. What does this mean? It means that wellness is a lifestyle, rather than just a phase. Holistic nutrition and holistic life mentorship are at the forefront of this strategy, as well as rigorous research into food and supplements that support your body’s natural cycles. Your personalized health plan should be tailored to you and your lifestyle, not one-size-fits-all.

This mentorship program helps to align body, mind and soul. To become your own empowered and sovereign being capable of shifting your own reality. 

Change your diet, change your routine, change your life.

Each holistic mentorship is tailored for the individual but includes the same core foundation:

  • 1 Akashic Reading or 1 Virtual or in person Integrative Reiki session  
  • Personalized tailored Bach flower remedy treatment (includes tincture and shipping, plus followup flower remedy)
  • Initial Wellness discovery session (1.5 hrs assessment of personal health history, dietary and health goals, blood work if applicable)
  • 4 virtual mentorship sessions over the course of 2-3 months(1 hr each)
  • Homework and accountability between sessions including email support for 3 months
  • Additional recipes, dietary plans, supplement and nutraceutical recommendations, helping to building a healthy kitchen pharmacy and pantry, clean home and skincare. 
  • You’ll also receive free access to our Wellness Portal and online workshops. 
  • 20% off products and additional course or service offerings

Ready to live the life you’ve always envisioned? Let’s connect.

Schedule a free wellness consult.

For those that are not ready for this level of commitment, I still offer a la carte offerings in health and wellness. Please explore my services and courses, or reach out to explore all my offerings.

Individual health consultations 1.5 hr with email follow-up support. Packages of 3 and 6 sessions offered at an additional discounted rate. 

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